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Discover #ILoveOkinawa & Win Prizes from Facebook

Visit Okinawa MY is having a contest to win special items from Okinawa, before I explain further more about Okinawa, let me intro you the beautiful Okinawa Japan.


Okinawa Prefecture located at the southern end of Japan is a paradise of eternal summer. Visitors, attracted by the diversified allure of Okinawa, can participate in marine sports in a beautiful ocean filled with world class coral reefs or escape on a tour and come face to face with the magnificence of nature in the forest homes of many rare animals and plants. If rest and luxurious relaxation are what you are searching for, then there are also many resort options including esthetic and spa facilities. Years ago, a kingdom called "Ryukyu" prospered in this land. Today, the remnants of that ancient time still echo in the traditional exotic culture and unique customs of Okinawa that have been passed down through the generations. The customs and culture of this land are particularly popular among visitors.

Okinawa has pretty Blue Ocean exactly what you see from the pictures. The crystal clear blue ocean is a well-known image of Okinawa. The water is so blue it feels as if you are being drawn into the ocean. Colorful tropical fish swim amongst the beautiful coral reefs at the bottom of world renowned clear seas. This jeweled spectacle awaits your visit.

Look at the beautiful under the sea. Isn't it a Diving Paradise? Beautiful coral reefs symbolize Okinawa’s ocean. Okinawa is so blessed with coral reefs that there are islands completely formed by large coral reefs. Everyone is amazed at the colorful fish swimming around the coral reefs.

The people in Okinawa are very cherish and happy.Culture/customs are so varied that each village is said to have original characteristics. The local dialect is also diversified, so much so that even if you are from one of the islands in Okinawa, you may have difficulty understanding people from the other islands. Furthermore, customs and festivals dating back from ancient times can still be seen in each region.

Okinawa has been known as the prefecture of longevity as there are many people more than 100 years old. The secret to their longevity lies hidden in the relaxed environment which is unique to warm tropical areas and the rich nature and unique lifestyle of the people in Okinawa.

Customs formed by the mild climate and traditions prior to the Ryukyu Kingdom are truly diverse. For example, there are many festivals with various purposes from ancestor worship to praying for good harvests and bountiful catches. The custom of respecting one’s ancestors and caring for your ancestors and family is more rooted in Okinawa than elsewhere in Japan. Okinawa is also known for the extreme longevity of its citizens which they say results from Okinawa’s food culture and the influence of "Yuimaru" (meaning to help each other) spirit.

Of course in Okinawa, they have the special handicraft. Okinawa’s representative fields are crafts used as expensive items for trade by the Ryukyu Kingdom, performing arts which are still part of the lives of Okinawans today, and food regarded as the secret to longevity and health. Through these fields, take your time and expose yourself to this unique culture.

Ryukyu culture flourished in 14th to 16th centuries when Okinawa was known as the “Ryukyu Kingdom”. Ryukyu culture is filled with the characteristics of many good old traditions that have been passed through the generations and continue to progress even now in traditional crafts, performing arts, food, lifestyle, and the martial art Karate.

Okinawa's unique culture was formed by the dynamic mix of characteristics from various countries through trade with China, Japan, Korea and other Southeast Asian countries in the Ryukyu era. Since ancient times different cultures from other regions in Japan took root here. Examples include attractive craftwork, performing arts, health conscious diet, unique way of living supporting longevity, and karate which is said to have started in Okinawa

Okinawan food is also known for contributing to the longevity of the Okinawan people. This unique food culture differs from regular Japanese food and was strongly influenced by various partner countries in trade. In addition, there are many dishes using original Okinawan ingredients such as Shima Rakkyo pickles.

A large number of diving spots including the Kerama Islands and Ishigaki Island dot the ocean of Okinawa nestled among the abundant coral reefs. Colorful tropical fish and the beautiful ocean continue to attract divers from around the world.

I guess I will be visiting Okinawa soon as it is too beautiful and attractive to me, Oh! By the way, Okinawa is going to be at the upcoming Matta Fair and let's go together and check out their deals for the getaway. Okinawa is a very suitable destination for families and couples for a enjoyable holiday destination.

There will be a contest held from 10th February 2014- 10th March 2014.

All you need to do is:

2.  There will be a photo album consists of 20 photos . Participants need to choose 3 photos out of the 20.
3. Click 'LIKE' and 'COMMENT' the 3 photos
4. Winner will be picked and announced through email at the end of the contest 


1st prize

5 person will get Ryuku Glass

* specially made from Okinawa *
2nd prize

50 person will receive STAR SAND

Example from the facebook page:
As simple as just Register your email, choose 3 pictures and WAIT FOR THE ANNOUNCEMENT 


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