Saturday, February 8

Introducing - Real-time pricing info at your fingertips

Enables Users to Crowd Source Prices to Locate the Best Deals

Application , photo's sharers ? Now let me introduce you the new application name CREAM!
Simple & useful smartphone application all I can say! Never forget, it is real FUN to share.


Usually, me as a shopaholic and dessert hunter will be hauling and hunting for affordable clothings, where and where. Then, when I'm about to try a new cafe/restaurant, I will be having the thought of like...." Will it be good?" , " Which pudding flavor is the best?" ," I hope the prices are reasonable " and so on. With no worries, now there is an application to solve this problem! 

-allows us to UPLOAD the photo, with a caption
-followers can comment on the feedback about the situation.


I went to a footwear store and I'm interested with a pair of heels but hesitating to purchase because it cost me at about RM160, therefore I can upload the photo of the heels on the spot into and starts questioning " Should I get it? Is there any other better deal like promotion for similiar pair?, then I will be receiving many feedbacks from followers like : " WOW, it looks so Pretty, You should get it! " or maybe I can get suggestion like : " Babe, I saw a similiar pair at Store ABZ for RM99! "

You see from the situation above, it does really SAVE ME ALOT! 

Get a better idea of the application by watching the video below :D


Did you know why CREAM is built up? This is mainly to ease us buyers to get more deals and valuable items which we can now save more money to purchase more other stuff. Not only that , as the users and pricing data's grew everyone including the tourists and travellers can search for budget trip like the accommodation, food, shopping and other products. Besides than looking at the pricing, users now could know about the service or quality of the sharing products. How cool is it because it helps everyone in every way with this application now. For global, users now can predict and see the pricing patterns on different area and different products.
By entering the price, users around could suggest and feedback about the deal you shared


Not too worry, as now this application has it's new features in the beta version that includes the currency converter. From my experience using this application, I personally love the simple function as it is easy to understand plus the enhanced design. All I could say that, it looks like an application consists "Waze and Instagram for real-time pricing data" It is like an application that summarize everything we wanted to share and look for. I can recommend my followers for a better deal and at the same time I could always check what best deals nearby me too to I could save more!


Let us and our followers has the suggestions by voting about the price of the products.

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Picture above is the dish I recomended as it is tasty and affordable :D

The beta version of Cream is already available for download at the Google Play Store.

Get to know more about, visit


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