Wednesday, April 16 - Food Delivery is FUN,EASY & FAST !

Have you seen this panda around your city? I did seen them appear few times in restaurants and cafe in the sticker form! Well, then do you know WHO IS THIS PANDA?

This panda is from FoodPanda, and FoodPanda can solve your "makan" problems our common questions are like " What to eat ah? " , " Where to go for lunch eh? " all kind of common boring questions but we still ask about it frequently! Well now no worries because I am using FoodPanda to solve my silly questions problems. FoodPanda has updated online menus for us to choose the restaurants & cafe and order our food. Best part is that they deliver the food to us! SAVE THE HASSLE.

Ordering food is much fun and easy now! I personally are using their service ;) Let me share my experience through this blog post.

There are two ways, you can either download the foodpanda application into your smartphones or order though their website

I can select the City of where I want the food to reach me, therefore this way allow the delivery to deliver to us at the right location and also to search the restaurants & cafe nearby our area.

I feel like having OBriens for my brunch therefore with this simple way I just ordered my favorites from the menu.

Even with the selection on combos with beverages! We can have our wanted FOOD :D
The food arrives me in 20 minutes time and still in freshly made.

I ordered Chicken Slice and Cheddar on Shambo & Tuna Swiss Melt


If you're on their website then you can directly chat with them to order the food 

Check out their facebook page for more updates

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