Thursday, April 24

Grand Opening Madam Wong's Steamboat 特色火锅专门店 @ C180 Balakong

Last week I went to Madam Wong's steamboat Grand Opening at C180 Balakong as I've known their first branch was located at Taman Cheras, the shoplots nearby Leisure Mall. Surprisingly, I love the new food place because the shop can occupy many customers, whether you come in big group or small. Lucky me, I was invited to their Grand Opening therefore I can taste their yummy food in their menus.

 The exact location of the shop is actually right in between the other steamboat's shops and you can easily spot Madam Wong's steamboat as the bright yellow signage! Very catchy, do not worry about the parking lots as they have plenty of spaces there. Definitely must try if you hasn't been there before.
 In this Grand Opening, Gary & DJ Jeff were there to to join us for the launch!
 The Angry Bird is way too cute, usually we see the red bird but this is the yellow one *tee-hee* I was so tempted to try each and everything in the menu but I know I couldn't finish them in the end but they do also serve BBQ food, fried snacks & finger food , variety of beverages and also DESSERT * YUMS it is not the usual one like just a scoop of ice-cream* wait while you read till the end of this post :)

 The VIPs and the owner, Madam Wong has her secret recipes for the steamboat soups

 Cutting ribbon ceremony by the VIPs & owner before the dinner starts!
 Me with the " Madam Wong" tee-hee so nice right the mould sculpture in colour

 Then proceed with Lion Dance ceremony
 What I like about having my dinner here is because of the interior space. It is spacious, whereby we are having steamboat therefore the smoke from the pot will actually need to be ventilated but this shop is so clean, with bright lights. Customer service is good as the waiter arrives to us very quickly!

 Some of the dishes we ordered on that night, most importantly the frozen food is fresh and clean before we cook in the pot.

 My boyfiee just loving their lamb slice.
 Boyfiee , me and Josh Lim ready to cook the food!
 Me enjoying with my Orange Juice with Sour Plum * MUST TRY* during cooking the hotpot!
 Isaac Tan, Ivy, Kee Hua Chee & Max joined us too for the dinner!
 Question and Answer section by the celebrities and VIPs during the Grand Opening regarding the shop and steamboat
 THIS IS IT , they even serve CHOCOLATE FONDUE and do visit them to check out the rest of their desserts!

Madam Wong's Steamboat @ Dataran C180 Balakong
Address: No. B-23A-G & B-25-G, Ground Floor Jalan C180/1,Dataran C180 Balakong,
                   43200, Cheras, Selangor
Facebook :
Email address : [email protected]
Contact : 012-9656580

Working Hours : 4pm-12.30am