Tuesday, May 24


Something for me during I'M THIRSTY! 
It's the Revive Isotonic Drink , which i love to drink it everytime when i'm having my dance practices.You'll be energize for the few hours plus the cooling of the drinks!
 What's new? They have change the packaging design for the Revive Drinks! Well,i personally love it because it looks very funky and retro.
 New design of the bottle.
  Not to forget, Revive regular is now known as Revive B-Boost as it contains

Vitamin B3, B6 & B12 while Revive Ais Limau is know known as Revive C-Shield as
it contains vitamin C. Am so gonna get it real soon! (:
I wanna taste it ! =P
Here,i have something awesome to share with your guys! Revive has organize a Rev'CUP for everyone (: How it's done? I will show you what could you do for yourself and your state in this battle.It's new exciting games!
Search for Revive Facebook's Page and LIKE THE PAGE,
 You'll come across the left tab having the application for Rev-Cup: Battle of The States
What's so awesome is that they will have weekly theme for you and there you'll upload your own creative style with Revive on photos or videos.The best thing is you can upload as much entries as you like! The contest has actually going on for few weeks,click the previous weeks and view the entries,perhaps more ideas for you know! (:
Look at the weekly entries babe,they're REAL creative and Rev'UP!

 This week,which is the WEEK 5 coming with the new theme which is Big & Small week.Hmmmm,what's on your mind? I have my own ideassss.I'm making fun of my girlfriend =P
See how i do it ! Buahahahs..i will do videos soon if possible *wink*
Punch Her!
Grab her with my Mighty Hand!
Disturb her with her phone :D
Adjust her spects !! It's so fun to bully her :P
You can upload as many entries as you like and get your friends to vote for you now!
and something SPECIAL is that,they have the Most Rev-Up DJ VIDEO!
  Even the DJ's are Rev'Up, What about you?!

It's Jin from HitzFm! (: View more videos on the page to get creative ideas for your video making.
Alright,you can always see the scoreboard for yourself and your state! 

So many states are so Rev'Up ! What are you waiting for?
The weekly Winners here,clearly written with points collected too! Fair games for everyone.
So,it's your chance to show your skill and potential for yourself and for your own state. 
You might be winning RM1000 for everyweek! (: Fun contest plus stand a chance to win prizes.How great is it ;D
 That would be your individual prizes only but in the end of the contest,you'll be invited to a massive party for the winning state! (: Meet awesome people around you and get to the dance floor! Exciting prizes is up for you to challenge for!

1.       Rm5000 for the photo category grand prize &

2.       Rm5000 for the video category grand prize and

3.       Category prizes worth a total of RM24,000 (8 categories xRM3000)
You think that you're Rev'Up enough? Until you could pass the Rev-Erees and got the Blue Card,you're incredibly Rev'UP ! (: 
Don't just sit there and do nothing,act now and upload photos and videos of how Rev'Up are you?and will you be the  Rev'Up WINNER AND 
GRAB THE REV'CUP for your State!

Goodluck Rev'Up Buddies ! :D

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