Monday, May 9

short post at 12.40am

 Hello everyone! My hubby is back form hometown,at the moment he's so tanned or i should say that he's already " burnt " HOHOHO :P he's went to Pulau Perhentian with friends and got sunburn,slowly it will heal (:
This pic taken on last friday at Melacca,we went to Melacca with my gf , Bryan, Wayne and Geoffrey.Since college is starting soon,so we went there for one day trip.Well will post about it soon about the trip (: because now i'm kinda sleepy already .it's just that the temperature is so so so HAWT and bad weather,i could even sweat during i'm sleeping with the aircond on.*drink more water lately* to prevent getting sick.
 Yesterday was Mother's Day,i don't earn much but trying my best already so a lil gift from me that bought from Crabtree & Evelyn.I love you mommy ! 
Happy Mother's Day

wishing you happy always and i'll be very very good girl and 
independent , study well and doing my best in everything~
besides THAT
 i've been clicking to google so many times
just because of
Mr.Men and Little Miss (: We love their stodybooks since young!
So adorable

goodnights peeps,hope the weather will be better soon ;-(

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