Wednesday, May 4

040511 | mags and fbskins for everyone ! ♥

Now it's 4.14pm in the afternoon and it's Wednesday.Sitting here alone at home surfing the net and listening to music plus blogging,try to make myself busy and got use all my time by doing things because this is the last week of my sem break.Feeling a lil sad because of college is starting so soon! Holiday is not enough! :( I want more holiday although i always complain that it's boring at sometimes when i really have nothing to do.At the same time i'm feeling a lil nervous because my sem 4 results is releasing tomorrow * pray * for for good result tomorrow ;-) but it's also the day of my hubby coming back tomorrow from hometown! WOOTS! more than two weeks didn't see him..... :-(

What i did during these 3 weeks of sem break is going for movies,sitting at home build spider web ,watch HK TVB drama :-) ,go studio for dancing,going out with family and of course eating non-stop .___. I gained weight,yes! And that's not a good thing at all,being a lazy bum because sitting all day long only facing the lappie and tv with snacks around me. DEAD! I know.I'll try not to eat banyak already :-( Oh lastly,i'm back for GB ( gundbound season 2 ) and viwawa because it's been long time i didn't touch them and i'm bored =P

Alright,back to the topic :P hahas!Thanks to Just Dance Magazine,me and partner's picture was up at page 88 :) Issue 10 ! Buy only this issue to support me ;P LOL! that's more than enough (-: Tee-hee!
this issue kay =D ?? ^^
Tadaaahhh!! :D
and for you who don't read CLEO magazine and love Starbuck's Frap,i preferabbly you to get this mag of this month issue :) WHY?! 
SPOT ANYTHING? although alot big and colorful fonts cover your vision to spot it!lol,i think you could see it already (:
behind it ! =)
i love java chip and green tea cream frap,how about you? (:
Yes to get it? :) you decide !

Last night i watched THOR! i rate it 6/10 ,a lil comedy *____* a production form MARVEL !
and now you can put fb skins into your facebook already :) HOW? read the instruction babe :P
wanting your profile to have some pictures or colors or even patterns like you used to has them during you're using friendster? Now you can have it! =D
Get your fb skin here * you can also customize putting your own pictures *
view the video for better instruction (:
after done installing , you'll come across few different functions.Definitely few ads will appear in your fb because it's their own ads on their own website (: you're just basically taking their application babe.
After you had done,you'll see the box of setting on your top right.
You'll see enable and disable button for layout,it's whether you still want the fb skin,snowflakes,hearts and zoom.Click below pictures to see what's meant (:
Snowflakes appears when you enable it (:
Hearts too !
Lastly it's the ZOOM button (: whenever your cursor are pointing to a particular pic,the pic will be zoom automatically (:

Enjoy! :)

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