Wednesday, September 16

i thought we were just,,,

Get me how?
fucking happy now....YOU KNOW????
I don't give a damn,,,,,yet.
What are you trying to do?Giving courage to bear all the pain.I close my eye and click them awayyyy.Far far away from my sight.It's HURT.It's so great! I have no mood at all,NO!i wanted to change about this.I hope this moment won't be staying for so long in this period.Somehow,i need that knife not you.Don't you think that i am dreaming?I wonder.Possible it could be,all the ways you are using.I knew,all i need is the time to recover.So easy to see the radians between us yet im blind all the while.
Sorry,i really couldn't help it.My hand and my eye are used to it,how could i stopped them?You'll never understand.In the other hand,like i don't understand you.
I'm still having my bad flu.The're no right or wrong although i know.I really have no fcking mood to snap pictures,goodnight sleep.I gave you the time not to bother anymore.I had thought of this,
i have all your arms around me .everything and anything is not worth anymore but i will,because of my ability for STILL.
for will in us,OVERRULED.
Carry on likes nothing wrong.
i guess i had imagined more than you do :)
it's not a big big thing ♥#
happy 100th posting !

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