Sunday, September 20

Always never goes well =(

Sometimes you just
have to smile,
pretend everythings
okay,hold back
the tears and
just walk away
I woke up like 9am and follow my parents to klang for hari raya thingy.sighs,i'm used to it.Then,went to jusco =.= at bukit tinggi,camwhore like nobody bussiness with my sis.I really have not much words,nothing for me to complain anymore and i hope i'm still flying.

Almost heart attack.FUCK,are you fake or something?Is this what you been looking for and request for?You love to be in the crowd!Let's fulfill what you needed and don't blame me ` Rest in peace.

This is the part when we are fall in love :)

Ask yourself is it really worth it?The truth will find it's way out and ot's not going to be pleasant when it does.Plus,the whole sneaking around doesn't make you feel any better either.It's inappropriate and we should trust our own partners and most importantly be honest to each other,17

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