Friday, September 11

When she falls.

She's currently sick with fever and flu,not h1n1 i hope.3 more papers to go,and i'm done with those stupid questions with no answers.Is just like your relationship and daily life stuffs,you know.Who's gonna lead you?In my way,i tried to make something different.Just have to deal with it.

All the things u left behind,i don't care ANYMORE.
It hurts bit by bit,i don't want to handle all this shits.Is like,haunting me from day to night.Where's the right?How is this things supposed to be.Never depends on.

Not working and it REPEATS.

I felt the distance.A far one,and furthest.

Now you know,is BORING.
All alone.To be how stupid ,put yourself into a never happy ending story.
For so much i had changed,for all these.Just for something.How revengeful.....
How much i realised,
any picking up the a simple call ' Are you alright? '

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