Saturday, September 19

How much could you bear?

ONCE you let us go,
Woke up early in the morning and attend mathematics class,then went to facial.After that,i went ot my dad new car workshop and have a look.Yesterday,i had nightmare and it makes me cried.We stand here so long and don't care.Now,she is freak out.

everthing just passby me like this but return back to me again,i doubt.She's like a fairy to you,guiding you although you never thinks about it.I gotta think twice,or maybe once.Like you need to.
You have to learn and make things right.I always be by yourside but you let things go too easily,blame to no one.

And why?! Can you like stop all these?! Please.
Easy for you to got back,don't beat me with the reason.We love something.I quickly zipped up my pockets.

Leave me gone forever.
Seriously need DSLR. fuck!

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