Wednesday, January 13

Are You Ready Babe?

I'm officially TOA'S first intake students in ID !
Anyone from there? Tell me ! I wanna send hugs and kisses. LOL
There's loads of assignments already and im enjoyed drawing and seeing new things in all the aweseome masterpiece from the seniors.
I think i remember all my classmates's name =D
Well,i think because of first semester the lecturer's are quite friendly and not boring like SECONDARY schools but i MISS ALL MY FRIENDS !!!'
Today,i had Eric Leong's class. You guys knew him?From Tv show.
He's a very nice lecturer i can said.
Well,he gave us assignments and taught us alot new stuff =)
had lunch with few of my friends.
I didn't had two burgers *fyi*
Elaine,a very shopaholic girl like me but
SHY :)
Shaun Lee, who is Elaine's close friends since previous school.
I look very exhasuted.
Cotton On Sales!
Well,i wanna get the stuff and i brought money because i went there few days ago to get what i wanted
my sizes wasn't available
How sad :(
Then,break ends.
We went to the Visual Workshop.
Jonus was acting like a professional lecturer before the actual one arrived.
Then,me and Elaine go have a small tour around there before the lecturer came.
It was awesome,
i can't even imagine how great they are did all these sculptures.
being random.
Then,class started.
not showing my work to you ppl =D
Seriously missing all of you
SMKBJ students and my tuition's friends
Mr. Bearbee !!!

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