Sunday, January 17

The exact times,i fall for you .

Hello Sunday Lovers ♥
I love the weather for these few days,but i got cold i think.
I've been having flu and it is so mafan.
I need to drink more water =)
and one more thing my college campus super cool,have to like bring a jacket along almost everyday.
This week i guess im OVER SPEND =D


IF you are a girl and if u love me....
Surely u have the same case as me that's shop non stop because SALES is everywhere and everytime u stepped into the shopping malls.
Girl's eye just EXPAND WIDER when there's sales but pity your boy-friends or guy friends that not enjoying shopping with you at all. HAHA. I guess i have no problems on this because bi is tolerate with his girl-f 's random and lameness everytimes.

I had been go to forever 21 and mng to grab the stuff i had already wanted for.
I saw something i really LOIKEE it in Cotton On,
which is something is in Red , Black , Silver ,Greyish
*hint* skirts,heels,slipper,highwaisted :)

and because of SPM i left my point shoe way way aside .
now im back,MUAHAHA.
and also my latin shoe =)
I love to dance to muchh ,oh noooo.
my latin examination is coming soon =(
during college =D
camwhore abit abit

Wanna share something with you peeps especially GIRLS out there! !
Do u LIKE f****** LOVE this ??

Yeah,imma loving it but not as much as you my ks.
muacks muacks muacks . tee-HEE * raders can feel so geli over here *
I do apologise because if i have no time or can't accompany you at most times in face to face.I do seriously miss you so much. My heart pain when i see you unhappy without your sweet wide smiles my dear. I still waiting as long whenever it will be.
Excellene is an art won by training and habituation,
We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence,
but tather we have those because we have acted rightly,
We are what we REPEATEADLY do,
Excellence,then,is not an act but a habit - Aristotle

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