Tuesday, January 26

You couldn't breathe when you feel so different when you want to smile to him

Im always waiting the time to meet and see you dear
I wanted to give you a big and lovely hug so much.
I can see you and wanna know you more although time passes very fast.
but i couldn't =(
i would if i could make it better.
I'm sorry.
i love you kai sheng.
More than word could describe this for you.
I did ths make over bling bling for my 3rd sister's Tamagotchi since she still hasn't realise it.
Elaine and Shaun were so hardworking for their assignment,
well, as you know TOA students never get rest =)
It's fun to work together and finish your task given by the lecturer.
I love being in Eric Leong and Pinky's class.
Very brightly known as NOT SLEEPY like w-t-f SOME F-CLASS.
Since some times,
miss pui yan didin't DATE WITH HER CAMERA !!
Smooch my boyyfyy.
but i think i didnt love my camera as much as him =D
sorry cam cam . MY BAD
Stress in college?
Awwww so sweet.

Guess what?
Am same class as AMANDA YONG ZHANE !!
this b*tch feel so LOST when she step into ID with us.
Happy doing assignments babe.
so guai lui =P
I know i may not be perfect but i'll always try my best for you my love

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