Thursday, December 9

Beachtime ; Candid Shot

As promised,more pictures will be upload for the Penang Competition.This time most of them are candid shots :P 
Won't write much because am busy and flying to other state tomorrow for another latin competition.Time schedule are tight and hectic :( Well,pictures will do say it all ;D
naked face with spect :P
During lunch at Ipoh Chicken Rice,you could spot me :)
Point to the sky.
girls :)

Wookayy,i went to parachute .It's my second time in my life :)
Then,telematch going on before check out form hotel :)

I got DRAG into the sand =.=
having bad luck on that day.

This picture taken by my friends,ishh!
Look,they'll just THROW you into the pool.

in the air.... weeeeeee~

Serious C A N D I D.

ROYCE "pk"
tamiko :P

Gary praying LOL!
ah kit peace!
Cing Cing :D
Lastly,uncle william was about to RUN! 

A post with funny shots,i'll blog tomorrow before i on hiatus for a week :)
miss my blog.

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