Thursday, December 2

17th Penang International Ballroom Championship

Hey babes,finally i post some of the pictures.There aren't most of it, pictures of the trip in total of 2k plus including friend's uploads.These pictures are from my not-so-clear camera LOL.Well,we depart on Friday morning 7am * yawn* which mean it have to wake up 5am in the very the early morning looking at the pictures,everyone blum bangun eh? =.= There's around 50 danceworld's friends going to this trip.Every year,we will be having Penang Latin Championship and we'll go there for vacation.Last year i didn't went it's because of my useless SPM.
That's Merle,one of my beloved latin teachers.Look at her epic pictures checking on student's costume.Hahas,don't wanna talk about my bloodyfckingannoyingmuther costume.I want to vomit blood because of the tailor.Imma gonna chop that tailor.Yeah,super mad and i paid extra 200 bucks for it cost me almost 600 bucks because i don't wanna talk to this kind of non-educated human!!!
enough of being red and wicked,i need to smile to over it! DARN!
So,we're travelling by bus.I was friggin tired so i kept on ZZZZZZzzzzzz in the bus.
They were enjoying playing cards while i just sitting there and watch and rest.It's because i didn't sleep the whole night and sew some part and putting diamonds into my costumer,thanks to those "VERY HELPFUL TAILOR" LOL
That's lovely Christine and Cavin,first time competitiors in Beginners Latin.
Trillion,a very young and experienced latin dancer at only age 15.
Shhh,pictures of Cing Cing and Shu Er's gao gao zhuuu. Hahahs!They so gonna kill me!
Then,we reached Ipoh and makan Chicken Rice.Too bad,i don't eat chicken rice.Therefore,i ate the fishball and rice with soup only -.- better than ntg.Around 2pm in the noon,we reached PENANG! Woots. Am so relieves lmao! because can rest in the hotel,am staying at Bayview Beach Resort at Batu Ferringhi .

Penang Bridge.

Moi,Shi Teng,Kathy and Wailing near the beach :)

We'll really hunger to death without this table of "GOLD" 
My shades and hats letting them to camwhore :D

1st time: EPIC FAIL !!


I am here to wish my hubby Happy Anniversary,thanks for being there for me at every moments :)) Love you.Everything goes well if only if i have you ! Hugs.

Dinner time.
Don't dare to eat much because the next day everyone will be wearing costume.LOL!
But we had, Crispy Popiah,Char Kuey Teow,Fried Oyster :P didn't really capture loads of pictures because we had loads photographers around us.Our friends bringing DSLR mahh. Hehehs! 
It's time for BATTLE!
Me and Shu Er,yeah. We have to Make Up until no one can recognise us LOL!


@.@ thick make ups eh?
Congratulations to all William & Luisa Danceworld student's ACHIEVEMENTS!
Well Done!
I've got Champion in Open Solo Rhumba and Samba,
4th Placing in Open Solo Cha Cha and Jive
able to get thru in Quarter Finals Novice Latin Cha Cha and Jive with my partner Onn Rei.
On the last day.
Beach time :D weeeeee~!!!!

More post on Penang,i promise,this is just the brief lmaoo!

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