Sunday, December 26

Some snapshots from Miri and Kuching.

Here's not all the photos,but mostly because it's really pek chik to wait few hundreds photos to upload into the blog post.Btw here's more than enough :D First time,i go to Sarawak.Took flight from Kota Kinabalu to Miri for few days then took another flight to Kuching for the last destination of the trip. Sabah is a very beautiful place and Sarawak has loads of tourism places.Like the longhouse visiting,the cultural village ,market place,jungle treakking and more.Guess what, this is my first time go to Gua Niah.
Really adventurous and tiring. You need to walk 13 km through the nature like jungle trekking in order to reach the cave place. Sibeh sibeh tiring eh ! I saw few weird bugs and insect with colourful body and even chameleon with a very long tail. Eww. hahas! but it was really FUN! The cave has archeologist sites and even museum written ancient paleolithic times.How they live , cook and stuff... etc...The cave has painted cave too :) and also the cemetry sites. The skeletion was buried and found. The cave was extremely dark and slippery because of the staglamit and staglatic limestone forming. Loads of birds and bats flying around you while some workers are doing their job climbing high up in the cave for bird nest :D 
Pictures time 
When i reached Miri,i stayed at Imperial Hotel.

Nasi Ayam cost you only RM3.50 and Kolo Mee only RM2.50 and coffee only 90 cent
Seriously won't really pk there :P

Kolo Mee, in KL it's macam Wan Tan Mee and Hakka Mee alike.
Air Asia,the most affordable airline to travel in Msia :D
This is where we go to Kuching.
with Shu Er

with Yen.

Bubble Tea time :D at nearby shopping mall.

Flying in the clouds :D
 What is this? Crackers? Nope..
It's Sarawak's Fried Oyster.Very different compare to KL and Penang one.
 On the way to Kuching Museum!
Their museum was really antique and very informative.
KL one sorry to say,nothing much to see when i went there.
I wanna say something really funny here,i thought i could see loads of CATS in Kuching,but so far i were there i only saw 1 cat and more dogs. Why? 0.o

 with Nisha.
 Marketplace shopping times!
They sell tees for RM5.00 only @.@

 Dinner at a rooftop mall named HotSpots.
You can eat loads of SEAFOOD there.yummy!

  Dominic making rice at the cultural village.

 That's the end of the post about the trip last week :) More posts about christmas !
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