Friday, December 3

Friday .

I make my today Friday's as Shopping Time! :D giving myself a rest , just one day no harm right?So yea. Boyfiee woke me up early in the morning and asked me whether want to go MV for movie or not.I was not half awake also because i slept very late last night because was playing games.Tee-hees.I just replied in the sleepy voice and answered "har?oh! en...ok " very the blur me on that time.Then,we're reached MV and it was very JAM and cant tahan ,we go Sunway Pyramid.

We went there and ate ninja joe again,then watch Narnia the voyage of the dawn treader.Overall i guess it's kinda boring for me lahh,except the war part as usual duhh will only woke me up from the entire movie.Peter and Susan  already grown up,therefore they just appear like sort while in the movie.

This time,it's more likely the dark side will give narnians bad dreams and making them weak.This time not much of weird creatures hahas =.= i am serious :P


They will be having the whole journey on this dragon like ship :)

The blue star in the sky who guide them
Lucy reads the spell of the magic,


I was bored yesterday.

 Pictures of the day.
Had dinner at Yuen Buffet Steamboat,most of you known that it was located at Mentari ( opposite sunway pyramid )

Oh yahh!,there's something else i wanna say about shopping during xmas celebration period in shopping mall
:) All shopaholics already knew that there will be written XMAS SALE ! in most of the shops and stores.Here's your chance to grab the chance and buy them!,, WISELY (: I wanna to save cash also and stores are very smart to attracts us too right? hahas. 

Well, i bought all this here BELOW RM100 only! * not to spend more than 100bucks is good enough for a shopaholic you girls out there :)

1. Cropped Tee from F BLOCK only at RM13
2. Casual summer dress from Cotton On only at RM19 (*grab them fast,size XS and S still available at Sunway Pyramid)
3. Three different designs RUBI of ear studs from Cotton On only at RM5
4. Three Tees from F.O.S only at RM45 

Xmas deco at SP

 gingerbread mans hanging along the SP :D

edited xx.

 from yoong ruey's.

nights bloggers.

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