Thursday, November 10

111111 ♥

Well,I guess most of the shopaholics out there knew about this warehouse sales happening in these few days at Jaya One Event Hall. Guess what? Don't get so excited after I tell you about my experience LOL. I went to the warehouse sales today,yeah today is the first day in the early morning,reached there at 11.30am is like 30mins right after the opening and I need to queue at least 30-45mins to get into the hall. Already know about that,nevermind.Waited and queued ! Finally got into the hall,it's like a mess ! HAHA. I didn't managed to get a single item because firstly they don't have my size already and secondly I look at the counter queue already total TURN OFF. Well,the warehouse sales is not that bad if the space is big but this is like pack like a sardine tin . Hmmm, the price starts from RM19.90 , mostly are like Zara and Pull&Bear's basic tanks and tees. Have a try if you guys wanna go and shop =)
 The crowd ;)
Look at the stocks. haha,unbelievable?

I wish everyone is smiling now and always (:
Happy 111111 

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