Monday, November 21


Sorry for delaying the post for Hennessy Artistry , went there at 8.45pm .The crowd was WOAH! Well,this is my first time attending HA ;) I was in the Zone P,saw few friends there mostly are bloggers.Chat and snapping photos with Advertlets bloggers. The opening event was a dance performance and I love the dance moves.Pichaa TIME  
 Chris Willis, DJs Goldfish and Blink, Landy Wen and Park Jung Min, Yolanda Be Cool will be performing at Hennessy Artistry Halo 2011.
Picture credit -
I was just sitting right beside the Bar Mixing the drinks :) I love  HENNESSY APPLE only !

Few guides here from *TEEHEE*
1 ½ parts of Hennessy
3 ½ parts of Apple juice (cloudy)
Garnish: Apple slices

Pour Hennessy into highball, fill with ice cubes, top with cloudy apple juice. Add Garnish. Sit back and enjoy the refreshing and cooling taste. Cheers!

I capture this bad image quality from my phone of Yolanda Be Cool 

 Me and Aaron Huang
 with Sarah Lim
 Mandy and her sexy eyes.
 Saw Hollie over there,my dance mates :)
 Zhiwei :)
 Faye Lua,looks like Angel :P
 Christine Lee, dance all night long :) she could!
Matt and Melaine were chatting (:
pic credit to Amanda Liu =)

Picture taken from Hennessy Artistry's page :)
with Bryan aka Godz LOL
Advertlets friends.

See you guys again in the next event 

To  all my readers,I hope you guys rmb that I posted about Voting my friend's Jason Ong from in AdidasNEO contest. The next post ,I'm gonna show you guys the guidelines/directions on how to Vote for him.I'm helping him as well,so love me and my friends too :)
pretty please vote for him?I'm gonna be in the upcoming video too! teehee.

LegoSam,me,Leekee and Jason Ong

Stay Tuned !

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