Friday, November 25

Supprt JASON in AdidasNEO Blogger Contest !

Hello, my friend Jason Ong from www, is competiting in the Adidas Neo Blogger Contest! Please share some love and help him :)

by the way,i'm helping him and be part of his photos and videos too! Teehee 

It's Me , Jason Ong , Bboy Leekee , Bboy LegoSam , Jonathan , Aaron and Adrian !

Watch THIS video, * sorry that i just learned the dance for one day so it's retarded dance from me * 
but i had fun dancing with them :)

HOW?no worries I had make a video clip to guide you guys how to VOTE ! =) it only takes 15-20mins.

Thank You if you had VOTED!  :)

i did something to my nail :P

See you guys tonight at JW Black Circuit Lounge - Brazil back in KL ! 
Keep walking.


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