Saturday, August 21

# Late Post 2 | Sem 2 with the collegue

This week been practicing my stamina for ballet and latin (: For the last week,was rushing for assignments and presentation.We need to dress formal for presentation.This is my latest presentation.Every group need to choose a destination for advertisement.My group has choose the Damai Beach Resort,Kuching.These are the posters we created for the ad purpose.With taglines and bodyline.Our target is for honeymoon couples.
Shopping,Music,Dance,Skype,Online SHOPPING.

That's what me doing during semester break (: Almost all the movies i had watched except for SALT,THE EXPANDABLES AND DESPICABLE ME T__T Facebook is kinda boring nowadays,like nothing much to do,i've stopped Cafe World ! Am so friggin LAZY to wait for the loading.Grrrr.My Blogshop is DEAD. HAHA!
Listening to Run Devil Run-SNSD

Just simple posters (:
Rowena,the vampire addict.
Christine from indonesia
Vandalism in msia *thumbs down* LOL

We're Bored.
Trying to understand what's this tagline means? from WENDY'S BURGER

I love this

Love in Disguise is an awesome movie
Loving story-line.A life of a popstar who want to has a normal lifestyle with his soul mate.

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