Thursday, August 19

4 am.

S A L E never ending (: right?
That's my new lens,in Purple.Like very obvious ..HAHA!
First week of sem break,everyday out with the boyfiee and my gf (: Went for movies,shopping and chilling ..even breakfast LOL.Btw,my sem break is even busier than college time as i going for another lation competition in sg. Tee-hee!
Went to MOFEW 2010 ,alot bargain over there..If you're an online shopper,you should know what i meant (: It happened in MidValley.

She's ChiLeng,as you know i always support her blog
They are the 1st runner up of MOFEW ONLINE BLOGSHOP!
Congratulations dear
3D The Last Airbender.
Nice storyline but it's kinda weird because of the people acting in chinese costume plus,chinese dragon is the one without a pair of wings?Nevermind,forget it.I was drag to watch this by the two guys.Me and gf was suppa BORED.
We went Ikea.
Lightbulb ! (:
the reason why my title is 4 am,because am blogging at 4am RIGHT NOW.
gotta go fetch someone to airport (: and am gonna miss you

Love this song,don't you ?

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