Monday, August 16

# Late Post 1 | My birthday

As the previous,previous post it's just a short post of my birthday.Well,all you've known that now that am having sem breaks.Am friggin Happy (:Tee-hee!I am going to latin competition again! weeee~ Prepare for the worst because am going to oversea for the competition! Anyways,sem break wasn't really like HAVING HOLIDAYS.Just i could do other stuff besides than ASSIGNMENTS! LOL.I recommend to watch Inception,Love in disguise,Street Dance 3D,Sorceror's Apprentice :D

btw,i will just update my blog for the late post and recent happenings while i am not 24/7 sitting in front of my lappie.Haters in my cbox never get tired and sick of commenting about me,well just spill whatever stuff you wanted too.Am not really that free to know all these because you never gonna like reveal yourself right?LOL.Am just a blogger,why do you wanna care so much since you hate me just leave my blog alone HATERS (: *hugsnkissess*
Emo,Birthday Girl,My gf
Catherine,maii sis
the doggie from Randy,maii son
My 12inches
Thanks to you guys for loving me so much.
Muaahhsss * Smooch smooch*

I love you guys for making my day!
and all the wishes and pressie

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