Wednesday, August 25

Outings with Haircut Done ♥

Hanging out with besties makes me feel more comfortable,they would understand you and support you no matter what.We watched Salt last two days at pavilion.The movies wasn't that nice as we thought,a lil hanging and the movie was too rush.Then,we went to Snowflake and jalan-jalan.It's evening,and we were hungry,so i decided to go to have Buffet Steamboat near Sunway Pyramid.Mr.Emo and Elaine can't take more food! Ishh,so tasty but wasted :P hahahas.Baby still at hometown :'( couldn't hangout with us during sem break.Miss you!

Feon brought me and Elaine to SS15 for a haircut,well it's been time i weren't free to go to saloon and trim my fringe and my hair.I felt better now after the haircut.Hahahss.Just not yet dye my hair.Was busy for my dancing competition and exam,really have no time to do other stuff.As you know,my blogshop is having a Major August Sale now,feel free to visit alright? Just click What's Your Flavor?

Today,me and friends went to Advertlet's Pre-screening Step Up 3.Will post about it soon :)
The lens looks blue-ish than purple-ish in picture.
What a super straight bangs
At least,it's not poking my eye ;D
We went to 1U too,pass by Lee Hom's signature concert,well my sis and my cousin were crazy for it.We didn't bother.It was freaking JAM! GAWDD.
First time went to Sticky,it was PACKED! WHY? because Malaysia never seen this kind of " CANDY" before,all were they Kepoh-ing,and get the free Taste ONLY! but did not purchase, and you would understand why too this would be happening to Sticky.As you read XiaXue's Blog before,she went to the Sticky at Singapore and customize the Candy with her name :D
Look at the crowd.

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