Monday, August 23

Teacher Luisa's Birthday Celebration

here's another good news that i had won the Step Up 3D Screening!
Thank You
Last Sunday,celebrated Teacher Luisa's Surprise Birthday Party with studio's teachers and friends at Neway Kararoke,Casa Square.Before that was i went to MV for Mofew 2010.This party was organised by the teachers from William & Luisa Danceworld giving her a surprise birthday party.Having buffet dinner over there but couldn't eat much because the food there so so only :D We sang and the boys dances NOBODY NOBODY BUT YOU. LOL,dare not to post the videos here (:
Happy Birthday Teacher Luisa !!
Wish you happy and cheer and stay young always
she taught me ballet for 13 years,awesome enough?from 5 years old,am a small lil kid wearing tutu and leotards to studio for ballet until today i am 18!Thanks for the advices and guidance all the while.
Me,Rachel,Jovita and Nisha
Me and Xinwei,she danced with me since we're young.
Bii,Me and Onn Rei ( my new partnership for next competition *coming soon* )
Claudia,Hollie and Reanne the sotong lovers *must visit her vintagy blog*
When the guys fall in love with dancing.
That's Kelvin,Louis and Gary.
Shu Er
Uncle William,my latin master~
Group Picture


.....Well I got up today
Put some gas in my tank
To make it to the studio
nd then I heard this beat

AIt made me move my feet
super dope
Hell yeah that thing was.......


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