Tuesday, April 26

Dulux Color & Decor Seminar by Eric Leong

On 23rd of April,Satuday.I went to Boulevard Hotel at Midvalley with Shaun and Carmen for Dulux Color & Decor Seminar by Eric Leong.Early in the morning,8am get ready and the talk starts at 10am.We were served with light breakfast before the talks started (:
\\ before i starts the post,my blog just got it's own domain tee-hee (: www.apassionatedancer.com 
making-sweetness taking photos is a must :P

Do you know that every year has it's own Color of The Year?
In this year of 2011, Citrus Yellow (:
got some goodies from the seminar likes recycle bag,vouchers and catalogue from Dulux Paint 

Color Wheel (:
After few hours talk,we have a lunch break.
we had it at White Rice restaurant in the hotel (: Lunch Buffet is provided.
table's deco

Assorted breads and bakery.
Cheese Cake
Assorted cakes and jelly
Hams meat.

Carrot cake ! XD

 watch the videos i had uploaded for bieber concert :)

Stay tuned for next update on the same day,for the night event ,I went to William&Luisa Danceworld's Potluck dinner.On that day,i gained lots of weight :(  makan lot non-stop whole day...SOBS!need to go for diet..

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