Thursday, April 28

Potluck Dinner with William & Luisa Dance World 201

Family of WLD.
Remember i promised to continue my post :D The first Potluck Dinner held in William & Luisa Danceworld.It was an event of gathering by all the committee who has involved during the previous successful Masquerade Party.Everyone brought their own delicious food (: 
Satays,fried meehoon,sausages,french fries,fried spaghetti,fried rice,nuggets,cakes,fruits salads and MORE....
All you can eat here :P
Duck ,brought by Shu Er (:
Three of us was random..Me,Kathy and Shiteng

 Made by Kathy, I love it! because it's green tea jelly tee-hee!
Her leg is so long !!!
and this is my shorter leg...HAHA!

 Kelvin and Dana :)

 Pretty girls.
Tamiko,Cing Cing and long time no see Annabella...

 during Chit Chat time....

 Pink Pink PINK!!!


 and guess what...all these people including me..sitting on the prepared chairs..
is to play MUSICAL's been a longtime.....

cake from Choon Wei,he made it :)
all the pretty faces :D

currently having sorethroat and slight fever i guess,feeling heaty :( i miss my hubby.He's still in his hometown
 taken the day before he went back to hometown :) 

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