Saturday, April 16

William & Luisa Danceworld Masquerade Party 2011

Hello ladies,gentlemen,men,woman,kids and everyone of you ! Thanks for the patience tee-hee because i know i've been having a dead blog for the past week :( So sorry because i've just done with my semester,Yeay,finally i could rest and back to blog Did you guys remember that i wanna blog about my masquerade 
party with my dancemates? My danceworld organizes annual dance party , remember the last year one was floral theme? This year they make it in MASQUERADE :D

On the way to  RSC aka Royal Selangor Club,hmm the building at the Dataran Merdeka (: Who's my date?Of course my babyWe fetch Jeff,Zhi Wei and my sister along there.
First pretty who took picture with me was Shu Er (: She with her Golden Blue mask ^^
Guest Arrival table :D
Royce,Suz.Jovita and Shu Er
Me with adorable Wendy,she did the mask by herself .Looks how pretty it is,gold and pink
Love her mask!!!

Jovita.The Black Mask! (: Sexayyy.
Suz put rhinestone to her black mask.

The couple silver mask :P that was mine and my baby one 

Tamiko's mask suprb pink.What a VERY Striking colour!Everyone could easily spot on her :D
Me with my prince MUAHAHA.
Zhi Wei,Jeff and baby
Me and my sis,she have big curls on that day ! (;
That night,each of us had latin performances by few couples.
Aevent and Shu Er dancing the Cha Cha Cha
Gary and Tamiko dancing the Rhumba
Stephen and Dianne is special on that night because they're dancing ballroom dances, Tango and Waltz.
Juvenile couple,Dominic and Nisha dancing the Cha Cha Cha
By me and my partner Onn Rei danced the Rhumba :)
Kelvin with Nicol , the Samba
Lastly, Gary and Esther , the Jive
pretty Zhi Wei
with my SIFU =P William Lor and Luisa Lau

then photos taken by my friends (:
Thannnkkkk Youuuuu guys hehe.

Yup,that's all i've got for that night (: Awesome right?hehes,if there's an upcoming event.You guys should come along and join us! 

It's already late 2.56am now.Should get to the bed (: I don't wanna have bad eyebags ! Oh yea,i just watched Justin Bieber and Ghost Must Be Crazy yesterday.You should watch :P hehe!
 * having bieber fever at the moment :( got disease already!

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