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Friday, April 1

WHY do I really want to go to Viva La Bazaar this Sunday? ♥

I guess all girls do right? If you aren't ,well you really need to learn how to be a real shopaholic.I would really love to go to bazaar and flea markets held by lots of awesome organizers in Klang Valley area .Unfortunately, no matter what or how my friend wanna tag me along , I couldn't go with them because my schedule are packed everyday! BUT THEN I WAS SO LUCKY THIS TIME,There's an upcoming bazaar tomorrow Sunday 11am to 6pm at V1 Concept Restaurant & Bar.It's not an ordinary restaurant.

The reason i really wanted to go to this bazaar is because i wanted to go for a visit on this awesome restaurant since i'm studying interior design and i will be more interested to go for a shop at V1.Secondly,this is my very first time going to a bazaar organized by Jacklyn Gan,the awesome and famous blogger :) I would love to meet her in reality too , she's nice and adorable ! Tee-hee!

Well,i know this bazaar through facebook and how amazing is that lots of people is going to attend to this bazaar,HOW CAN I MISS THE FUN?!
Check out their fanstastic interior :)
You wouldn't know how the real feeling if you hadn't went to this place .* I would like to go and feel the atmosphere with this customize and designated interior space *
How to get there?
PLUS,i had missed to FUN for the previous bazaar :( SO,this time i do really want to go and get my goodies there !
After i saw all the previous pictures taken during the event ......
I had missed.....


All kinds of acessories !!...Classical and vintage one especially !...
Ready Stocks of cosmetic lens !....
I do not care,i had already made myself free for the bazaar tomorrow~!! There is no more excuses for me for missing this bazaar because i have TONS OF REASON WANTING TO GO TO THIS BAZAAR :D

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