Sunday, January 2

2010 leaves memories ♥ 2011 ; New Journey

Hello 2011 
Each photo from the past 12 months along the year after highschool.

Jan ; First month starts my college life
Feb ; Chinese New Year, Visit high school buddies 
March ; Went former highschool's sport's day at Stadium Bukit Jalil.
April ; Latin Performance at Lake Club
May ; Penang Latin Competition and ADC Amateur Leaque,college's assignments
June ; Hang out and shopping times with my gf until we seriously broke lol. :)
July ; My Birthday 
August ; Reanne's Bon Voyage,Birthday parties and so on.
September ; Baby's birthday.
October ; Id Toa Oct Week.
November ; Hectic Month because having finals,dancing competition.
December ; Went to Sabah & Sarawak and Xmas celebration at Genting Highlands.

Tomorrow will be starting my Year Two Semester One.
Assignments will be waiting me! D=
I need a new camera :(

Baby bring me to Genting on Xmas and New Year.Thankkieww 

Sunway Lagoon
BR on 31st Dec 2010

Once again Happy New Year Peeps! 

and happy going back to your school ;P

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