Wednesday, January 19

The busy weekdays.

Carmen and me.
 You couldn't imagine how hectic am i in this year two.Urgh.I've got few same lecturer that taught me before in few semester last year but there's new lecturer for certain subjects too.I've got so annoyed with one of this lecturer. "SHE" is so bossy.She rejected all of our plan and section that we're drawn because she thought that we're very well known with everything in id. Please larhh,we're so fresh because we just get to know the fundamental knowledge.Grrr.Imma gonna kill her,just few "mm" length out she already complain so much over there and you gotta throw the tracing paper away and redo the whole thing . You think we wanna do it wrong huh? can't tahan her mann,the whole class showing Poker Face to her.
 with baby at Pappa Rich because i missed Milo Dinosaur so much.
I know we can like get it anytime at home but you know (: lol.
 During lesson,my gf is tempted to watch all her series of TVB drama,this is what she did (:
It seems like reading notes from the front of the lecturer's view.
 Gf is so fair ,got baby soft skin.
 I drag gf and baby and feon to Sushi Zanmai for Goma[black sesame ice cream]ice.
I've tried all the Goma ice in pyramid and the best one is Kindori one (:
Nomm Nomm,i must have them once or twice least in a week because it's so tempting to have it =D
but my gf hates black sesame :( hahas.

This is the goma ice from Sushi Zanmai 

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