Friday, January 14

Pictures from my new baby.

which means,
from my new cammie.It's much better than the previous lost one. Of course lahhh.
I started to use Autocad this semester,woots it was so fun but it's there's so many to LEARN! so much to remember,which and what to click or command .Grrr,nevermind as long it's something new besides than drawing plan with your T-Square and Set Square ! -.-
 Mouse pad.
 Moral class with gf.
 started to love to go to Gardens already.

 and sometimes fullhouse because i love the white choco tarts (:

 Baby Twinkle with the BLUR face.

 friend kacau us take picture lol lol.

am starting to use tumblr (: well,i won't abandon my baby blog .No way!
Just sometimes when peeps need to express feeling with some words and pictures too besides than bloggie and tweetie.

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