Monday, January 10

Just me.

Nobody is perfect because everyone is unique in their own ways.

Yesterday went to Midvalley again,bought a love pattern tights from Miss Selfridge since my old one don't know already gone where.Wanna buy pressie for my mommy and sister because their birthdays are coming soon but i've been shopping at Sunway Pyramid and Midvalley pun tak ada pakaian yang cantik.Wanna get a oxford pump from Zara but do not have my size,you know,Zara is having Further Markdown Sale now.I saw it at 1U last two days and try my luck to search it again at Mv yesterday but FAIL-ED . LOL ,means that shoes asking me to save money for another goodies :P

Every shopping mall you're about to go ,you can't really could see the real Chinese New Year decoration yet since they're still taking down those decoration of previous Christmas and New Year one.Oh no,this year CNY my baby boy will be going back hometown for a week :(  I am so gonna miss him muchhh 

Today is 11.1.11 

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