Thursday, January 27

25-01-11 ♥

 On tuesday,after class was thinking where else to lepak because our brain in that time was JAMMED thanks to that "lecturer" I was thinking,hmmm i want to eat desert then i thought of Snowflake because after the last sem,we didn't go there already.I love my Taroball with Series 2 ( Potato,Pearl and Barley)  hehes.I don't really like the grass jelly one.
Tag Shaun,Jonus and my gf along there.
Shaun was staring at the menu so long.LOL
emo-ing at Snowflake? SHAUN!

Actually i don't like the potato :(

 Taken by Jonus,he was playing with my camera.

 with baby.
Then ,on that night.Went to restaurant and celebrate Mommy's birthday (:
 We also eat our first Yee Sang on 2011 :D
This yee sang has mango on it,nomm nomm-yummy♥ 
Me and baby went to Secret Recipe and get mommy's birthday cake .
Chocolate Indulgence;i heart the most  

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