Tuesday, January 25


Sorry for the late updates,hmm i really in the mood of shopping starting from this week.I am trying my best to do most my homeworks this week so my Chinese New Year in next week time will be not disturbed by assignments.No fun right?

I bought a new blusher for my cheek (: This time i buy the cream type from Canmake Tokyo at Sasa.I read Vivi and it kinda like attracted me to try to give them a try.Tee-hees.I used the powder one before need the brush to use my blusher , but this cream i could just use my finger and just go around my cheek in small portion.Well,if you want for a better result,try to buy their Cream Cheek and Cream Powder for a doll like cheek.

Cream Cheek  Powder Cheeks
Besides,that i find that they have the most choice for getting my blusher.
They have more than what you one just single or duo cheek colour.They even come in gradiant (:
If you love powder then get the normal one,if you feel like trying something new just get the one i just bought.
Awesome right?
Cheek Gradiant
Loose Cheek
Cheek and Highlight

I bought this Cream Cheek 03
check them here for more colours (:

color image[03] Strawberry Whip☆

How to Use
1.ball of your finger and dot the color onto your cheeks, as though pressing a stamp onto a piece of paper.
2. Gently stroke the color to blend it on your cheeks, as though joining up the dots.

I love Canmake already  Get your make up stuff at Sasa now ;P

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