Friday, December 18

Back alive

My daily life is getting bored now,every morning wake up and don't know what to do besides finding dardar.He went to genting already for five days.I'm suffering here :) I went out on wednesday and thursday again to the places which i went before with cheeyoong,michelle,ziggy and yuenhong.

On wednesday,chee yoong asked me go to mid valley with michelle.We wanted to watch Love Happens,too bad the seats were too front :( So,we jalan-jalan makan and makan. It was Sale ,but i couldn't get anything that's nice for me.
That's Michelle and Cheeyoong .
That's not cute :D
WE'RE like camwhore with the christmas decorations LOL.
Then,go to the Gardens.
Expecting for a better Xmas decoration but it's like normal only.
Chubby huh? teehee.
She said that her Hairband looks like the butterfly on the tree,
It's kinda true.
But it's nice :)
Im not good at smiling with teeths LOL.
We claim that he has Man Boobs :)
He's gonna kill me,nevermind.
Michelle will save me .
On thursday, dardar went to Genting Theme Park.I went out with cheeyoong and michelle again.These time,tag ziggy and yuenhong along.My face getting MORE and MORE pimples :( sobs sobs.
I still have chubby cheek.LOL
Michelle went for a HAIRCUT , and she had transform into Short Hair girl.
She's tak biasa with it,keep pullingher hair.
I think you look Sweet with your new hair :)
Then,we went to watch Couple Retreats.
I was buying tickets and Natasha was working there.
So darn funny that movie.
Yuenhong wasn't in the picture,lol
He was rushing to somewhere else.
I managed to get something from MnG muahaha.
It's sale babe,
You don't wanna walk home without a goodie in your room :)
Me and my sis was resting at Parkson's personal fitting room.
It's so big till she keep repeating that she wish her room was like that.
Then,she syiok sendiri there dancing around.
imyks so so darn much.

You've got what you want :)

XOXO ,miss youuuuu so so much.

I have goodnight dreams ,kaisheng.

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