Saturday, December 19

nothing to be fear about right?

Dardar drew this before he went to genting,cute right?!
Found out some reasons.
Not to change.
Never gonna change :)
Tell me something,
that you really need this !
Like those days,
when we're just kids needed the sweets packed colourfully
and hanging on the stalls.
I know i'll be fine.
It just takes some times to heal.
You're more than a sunshine i know.
What's others said that tries very HARD to keep u away from getting those sweets,
you'll never believe or trust them,
although they weren't strangers.
you trust that you'll own those sweets one day.
you'll never gave up for what you take or you have at all times.It's just ...
you get DISTRACTED by THEM !

It's like no big deal. This is what i have to face :)


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