Thursday, December 10

We started to smell freedom and sadness as well.

Yesterday was whole day out at midvalley,most of the 5b and 5c people were there with us too.Am enjoying but am very exhausted lol.My purse burnt a little so fast already.It's alright,ask from mommy or work.
We go there makan makan first.

I will always camwhored dulu before i get out from my door :D
Captured by puisan
It's christmas at around the corner,surely there'll be alot of xmas decoration, lightings and beautiful ornaments hanging on the trees
Already long time,we didin't hang out like so big group like this.
Bbchai ;)
Ziyung ;)
Wenqi,rekha and me,,
Me and boon kyan,he really does look like a father here *run*
Cynthia kawan baik aku.
Michelle Tan .
Most of the guys really regreted going watch New Moon,and i had already watched.I fell asleep.Randy and Ziyung msg me that they were sleepy and sleeping HAHA.
Bbchai pulak said why so boring,and Mohan keep complaining besides me.
*idk don't ask me*
Mom and son :D
Here's not really the overall pictures,am lazy to upload so much as it's very laggy.Facebook is being a bitch again now.I coudn't open some applications. HMMPPHS !!
Some of out friends went home first after bowling,we felt sad and Rekha almost cried,no worries.We can still always see each other at any time right?Hehe.Of course,i do feel very sad also because i miss all my friend and especially the close one to me.Am going out again tomorrow.
With some friends.
What's Your Flavor? is going to re-open very very very soon dear.
I miss you,wanna see you so muchhhy.

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