Friday, December 25

Better in time .

Xmas updates from my online blog :)

Alright,i didn't really celebrated my christmas but rotten at home and watched alot movies.It was really getting bored. Start from january,i will get back to all my dancing classes and might be taking some new classes perhaps ! :D Already went out for the weeks before and my till my pocket got holes already :(

all i want for XMAS IS $$$$$$$ YOU !

So what've done on xmas eve,was wishing my precious one. I was online msn-ing with Chingbin,then we exchange status,our nickname,our picture.We act each other and wishing everyone.Well,most of them notices our email address and FAILED but someone who just got into love MR. WONG EU JYN don't know at all.SO ,i was pretending to be chingbin and chingbin be me.We invited him into a conversation and he didint notice anything until he got the fishy feeling for more than a hour.Then,we fed up and tell him that we're just pranking u.We know u just got into relationship and Love Is Very Blind, INDEED till u don't know who u chatting with.Happy being with your girlfriend buddy :D teehee~

Well,i know it's already late to say this but.........

wish all your dreams may come true.

I wanna say i love all of you,telling in front of you people will be better but i had no choice because i knew you crazy people will read my blog :P My heart never broken,but my hp envy me finding him at all times.

Sometimes we are under someone,to sustain something.

Only for the right time.I couldn't believe it but it is just awesome at this moment .


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