Monday, December 14

Both days.

Sorry for the late POST hehe,so in this post i'll post the happenings on saturday and sunday yea.

Yesterday,i was alone at home at first.Then,parents called me and asked to go to pavilion for a movie.I rush and prepared ;) So,now everywhere shopping malls have christmas decorations especially you'll see all the shimmering and shinning ornaments on huge and tall xmas tree.What's more,it is SALE ! of course i did shop kao kao haha although it is still not enough.
yan yee.
Sangat obvious this is pavilion toilet's mirror.
I was walking alone at a moment,i saw alot pretty and highly classics barbie dolls
were displayed.I used to have barbie dolls.I mean most of the girls will have :)
Now all patah kaki and tangan already. OPPS.
Wedding gown,so nice.Puisee,girls haha.She keep nagging us to go to the Girls Shop until we can't endure and tag her to there.
Suddenly,dad called us and said got the tickets for a movie and we rushed to the restaurant and eat.
Wanna get my hair dye :P very soon.
still don't know which colour to choose for.
But black is still nice.
I love their chandelier,
so ....
So red so reddd.
The highest floor.
I makan there :)
Then,went to watch JUMP the production by Stephen Chow. Surely , you'll already know who is that.It's a nice movie and very short film.I enjoyed :) No bad comment.
I recommend to watch.
Alright,that's the end of sunday.
On Saturday, 121209 was my daddy's birthday.
We went Sunway Pyramid and cari makan.
Feel like having candle lights dinner with you :)
A messages to all my beloved haters,
i really appreciate your comments seriously.Why wanna bother me so much,i don't even care and yes i tough.Wanna challenge ?I ain't that fcking free LOL.Why don't you show me what you've got?
Maybe SUPER hot girl ? or FCKING HOT MAN.I really pity you,you live to sense others changes and others life.Is it you are that desperate or lifeless?HAHA.
Oh. I really miss you so so so darnnnnn much.
P/S : love KS only. BITE ME HATERS :)

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