Saturday, December 5


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Saw this?i guess my haters are pretty free that always do the same thing try to make me go crazy.LOL.You know my attitude,i don't really care at all.You'll see this at around my friend's blog,go click and add visitors to my friends :) oh ya,i dun really add friends in Facebook unless i really know them or unknown ppl added me :) because if you aren't my friend,how would you received this?AND look at the picture,it is invited by me :) means you are my dearest friends.*why u ask who is me then ? * wink*
You can don't respect me if you don't like me.I don't need you to survive,gosh.Alot people make fan club for themself ,bite me :P
Ps : You won't get any chance of making me sad.Owh..good job
Raspberry-red to violet
Had hopes but now shattered
Tried to cope but it no longer matters
As I am, just another heartbreaker
With a broken heart myself
Picturesque scenaries
Remarkable arts
Exquisite it seems
But to me
Love gives the final touch
Reddish blue to dark grey
Thunders strikes and I see crows
What a shame, I wish i can burrow
I cease to shed a tear, but I bear too much sorrow
But Thank Lord, disguising me from people
As the sky started crying, so did I
- J

Everything ,everything seems to be VERY fine.

imy more than you could imagine :)

Thinking going to Form 6,don't be shock.All i have so much for now,i unable to do much but to keep someone near to me.Plus,im in a big family.If there were no quarrel,there's will no this ending.Which is,a stronger bond :) you might be wondering that i'm crazy, Perhaps,you'll laughed when u look back.

Rainbows is formed by a clear white light,It thens spared into 7 undefined mood.Which were you it doesn't matter,you'll only see them when yours and his feelings with sorts of colours were combined,red might be im angrying as for him is in love,everything we wanted to as it be.Wasn't really hold in our hand,it's about us together going through this.Nothing gonna change between this unless there's exceptions

around ks arms.

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