Tuesday, December 8

What's the D.A.T.E ?

Ini picture i took yesterday while Chemissing :)
*ignore the hair lol*

i tell you,I TELL YOU !! CHEMISTRY PAPER 2 is JUST a BITCHING PAPER. Some of us stayed at school today as Letitia's mommy had gives us a surprise food gathering.

Thank YOU Letitia :P

How do you feel when it's the last time of wearing school uniform into your high school?

I wanna say WO AI NI to all my friends :) thanks for being friend since i was Form 1 .It is sad for us to leave the school seriously. We hugged each other and said I MISS YOU !Since i step into this school,i only make friends with most of my primary school friends only.AND SARAH LOIS,she is like my longest "term" of friend :P she's lovely and funny girl.I go to same tuition,same ballet class and same class in school with her.I've been same class with Boon Kyan and Jia-wen since form 1 maju untill now 5 Bestari.We did changed alot especially our appearance.I changed my hairstyle every few month,if you known me well enough :D Boon Kyan has the square shape HEAD and Jia-wen did changed also .Sekarang,semua dah jadi mature dan besar :P

Maybe it is true what the seniors said that we'll surely miss our high school life.We shared the Joy and sadness together from time to time ;D I remembered,common lower form girl's problem that i've gone through to is like girl's fighting over having the friend or for having the close friend.It's randomly and often happened to most of us including me.I've known this girl name Sonia Lee since form 1,she's a pretty funny girl and when she laughed HAHA.Im gonna miss you people,as you all going to travel now or outings but still the fun and lame-ness in being in school together.Me and Sonia always have our own sweet time in school especially during 5 Cemerlang.I've known Wenqi since i was std 4 :) She still look the same actually hehe.Michelle Tan is a very crazy girl,she will suddenly F**K you and suddenly be very close to you.When she is angrying,you might laughing or running away.

5 Bestarians is like a big family,we have pappa and momma and even GONG GONG *wailuen* What a big big family.Well,if you know i have a SON name RANDY OH .We seldom listen to teachers during classes and Pui Yan is the laziest girl in the class.I admitted =O haha.During Physics,Pn Selina will be like OK? OK?i always get fall asleep in the class.When Additional Mathemetics is the worst one,Pn H *i don't like to mention her name* All no F**K in her class.If you understand what i said she's like the BITCH ,sorry for being harsh,you can curse all you want in your life for my add maths.Muahaaha ;D Changsing,shizun,jonathan and chunhaw IM GONNA MISS YOU but i guess im seeing you guys tomorrow maybe ?Not to forget,Eunice Lee.

To all my dearest tuition friends too,we laughed and suffered together :) Mr.Lee class and my Perijaya center since i was std 6.There,with JyeLang and the other guys can't talked non-stop in class and there i met Kaisheng,a caring and loving guy you should know ;) He really cares a lot of things and to people around him.

Thanks to all my the other friends who had supported me all the times.Terima kasih banyak banyak,only first day itself finish SPM,you'll already receive facebook's comment and msn alert that I MISS YOU !! haha. No worries,we still have facebook to contact with each other :D

Now,I CAN DANCE AGAIN. So excited >.<>

But i couldn't see the future so well,i just need to ENJOY for now.


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