Saturday, February 5

The Rabbit Year 2011

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temporarily change the blog header because am still thinking what design to do about :'(

I know that I supposed to blog about the Taiping and Batu Gajah Charity Trip.Decided to skip them to the next post or maybe the post after all CNY posts ;D Well,just the day before 1st day of CNY me with family did the last cny shopping at Pav 

Surprisingly,i didn't get anything for myself .I guess i did too much of shopping before that.LOL,but my sis did bought loads cny goodies for herself and i was just too lazy to dress up myself on that day. Therefore,I just wore a black cardi from Online blogshop,Spaghetti strap top from Mng,Shorts from Romp(not shown in pic below -.-) ,and oxford from Zara.

Casual and Simple enough  Me likey!


We had steamboat at my aunt house ;-) Most of the relatives were gathered together (: I just took the picture of the food that day itself ;-P
Kampung Egg *i only love the kg egg's yolk*
Mushroom ;P
Crabstick with fishball, actually it was full.Sorry that the pictures were taken after the food put into the steamboat cooker :P hahas!
Pork Ball ! ( Non-Halal ) :P with smiley fish ermm fish ball? Idk -.-
Prawn :D
I did ate alot on that day and i was worried i couldn't wear cny clothing after that. LOL.

Went to relatives houses with family :) 
My lil sis (: folding bunny's origami.
Me with 3rd sis,puisan (:
Outfit on that day,this is my VERY first time wear cheongsam on Cny day -.-Cheongsam worn once a year only?
I'll wear back the same one next year if i still can fit them LOL.
Baby sis's cheongsam was so lovely,it's purple with gold lining @.@
Baby sis 
Cousin (: Went to few relatives houses on that day (:

Smile ;-)
Hope you'all got loads and LOADS of red packets! 
May this Rabbit year bring Good Luck to Everyone in Health, Wealth and bring Prosperity .

will be continue with 2nd day of cny ;-p 
basically 3rd dat of cny,means an hour ago i was jsut rotting at home-Guess what?Doing research on my assignments.I'd really got tons of homeworks.Just to pass my times.
My hubby went travel with his mom  :'( 
am so so so DEAD BORED HERE!

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