Wednesday, February 2

It's RED ! It's Chinese New Year ♥

Wishing Everyone Happy Chinese New Year!
Gong Xi Fa Chai !
It's time to visit your family,relatives and friends .
Prepared For Reunion Dinner Tonight? (:

 We wish everyone Happy New Year and Happy Everyday (:
Sorry for the late updates,busy with chinese new year shopping and SPRING CLEANING!

Just back from Taiping,it's been long time didn't follow my dad's alfa romeo club to trip.Therefore,this time they had another Charity Drive 2011 after the happened at 2002.They mostly organise event for car racing and stuff but Family & Charity Drive is few years once .Will be back with loads photos.
Here's some sneak peek!


 Kellie's Castle too :)
Remember to watch Shaolin,Green Hornet,Great Days and Homecoming!
They're awesome MOVIE :D * WINK*

Need to prepare for Reunion Dinner :)

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