Tuesday, February 8

Chor Yee Chinese New Year ♥


I've been really busy these days for my assignments :( Therefore lack of updates plus tomorrow my class starts *faint* so much things to do and handle.Oh ya,and my baby is back in Msia ;D Tee-Hee!!
Let me continue to blog about my 2nd day of Cny aka Chor Yee !

Like last year,the same chor yee will back to Pahang visit mum's side relatives ;D Much food as usual like prawns , fish , soup ,chicken and etc...
My cousin sister , Nikita.
I guess you'd still rmb her because last year i took picture of her too :)

Nomm Nommmm....

Cute baby 

Same place :P

Then,when the night comes. We head to Genting Highlands (: For chilling over there.
Wasn't that packed on that day.
With lil sis :D

Will still continue to post on Cny :P Since i'm feeling tired and sleepy now.I guess i really need to rest and get to bed for class tmr.Goodnights and Gong Xi Fa Chai .

and i miss ballet :'(

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