Friday, February 18

14th Feb * continuous * ♥

Gawddd , this few days wasn't really at home with my lappie therefore. you know,the late updates :(
Btw, on Valentine's Day , I have class * argh * then lunch with Shaun and Carmen, my gf was absent on that day itself because couldn't come celebrate Valentine's with me. Hmm, a simple lunch with both of them at Fullhouse while waiting baby finishes his class.
 Me * in sleepy face *
 Well, i prefered Garden more than Fullhouse because their food taste lots better * seriously *
I only love Fullhouse for  White Chocolate Tart & Pearl Milkshake 

 Just got some little Valentine's gift for baby (: Hope he loves it.

The sticker for Carmen :P she paste it on her hp
 On valentine's day, we really saw lots or mostly 90% couples walking together at malls for dating,shopping,makan and more :D

 For the night, we went to SS15 for San Fransisco Steakhouse then drove to Midvalley for Yogi Bear :P

I know it's kinda late,or very late to wish you guys 
Happy Belated Valentine's Day .
Btw,hope you guys had a great one with your beloved.

I wanna say thank you very much to my baby for spending valentine's day with (: Great memories that not worth any penny because it couldn't be bought. Ilyvm  

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