Thursday, February 10

Cny with friends .

On last sunday,we dancemates went to Kit's Place for Chinese New Year Gathering and House Warming .Reached there about 8 plus and visit around his new house (: We're all chit chatting and snapping pictures as usual ;P Right after that , me with merle and suzanne go to MV and watch All Wells End Wells. I could say that this movie is much better than I love Hongkong. I guess I love HK too many actors and actress until the story just like awhile nothing much but All Wells End Wells is about love story but in comedy and relates to Cosmetic (:

with Rachel.

Makan session with cing cing,merle and kelvin

Kelvin and Kit
Jo-ann , owh i missed her so much .It's been long time i didn't see her already in studio.
Merle ;P

awww, so sweet ;D

Then, Kit fire the fireworks (:

Dianne (:
The " let me see see " pictures time hahas.
the guys and men ;-P
Took few pictures with Jovita ;D
* eEEEKK *
My forced smile LOL -.-
Us , the girls (:

there's lil stuff i would love to share tee-hee !

Nowadays, ballerina would be participating in theater drama and play the role of the swan.If you love ballet like i do , you had already known about this (: but most people do not understand and enjoy ballet mainly because they would just say it's BORING. Ballet is a dance with is beautifully danced with soul and full of feelings into it. If you still wouldn't know about Swan Lake.Try to relax and enjoy the story they danced :D Well,i started to dance ballet since i was 5 only .I grow up with ballet more than latin dancing .

Black Swan only showing in Msia this year .Well,not a very well known or popular one but it's about ballet.A ballet dancer  Natalie Portman wins the lead in "Swan Lake" and is perfect for the role of the delicate White Swan who is Princess Odette - but slowly loses her mind as she becomes more and more like Odette's evil sister, Odile, the Black Swan.It's very less movie about ballet and this story of Swan actually it's been long time in ballet's history.We dance Swan Lake as performance but this movie could bring the story clearly in movie i hope.

Black Swan Poster

Today is Bai Tin Gong , only celebrates on 8th Night of Lunar 1 Month
fireworks and firecrackers are going crazy and wild everywhere =D

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