Sunday, February 13

1.33AM on Valentine's Day ♥

Hello ! 
I wish Everyone Happy Valentine's Day in this middle of the night! (:
Is everyone still awake or on the bed preparing for class tmr? Hehes.
Chinese New Year is ending soon :( no more receiving ang pau in few more days. * aiks*
On saturday, i went to Pav since hubby said it's been long time we didn't really go out and shopping :) Right after i done my Interior Design 3 assignment 1 and pass up at TOA, we go to Pav 
In the car on the way, an outing without photos are really * em guan hor *
Outfit of the day 
Simple denim bf tee top and denim shorts from online blogshop, row of hearts sheer tights from miss selfridge, vintage envelopes bag from Times Square and oxford.
I love Black Sesame Ice Cream 
You know? Goma ice :P

It's already 1.50am now |
 Opps ,TOMORROW whole day class plus it's Valentine's Day with my boyfiie and gf  and friends too :D 

Goodnights darlings n sweet dreams too (:
 Have a great valentines day with your loves one or friends tmr *promise?*

currently listening to 난 바빠 

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