Sunday, February 27

Ending of February * assignment *

My Twinkle 
Sighs, *sorry* so potong steam -.- Wonder why my title has the "assignment " because i am going to complain muahahah! ;D My college life is getting busier busier and busier -F#ck-.I couldn't even spare a moment for my blog.I felt so sad , everyday get to the college then do my homeworks at Sunway Pyramid as usual .Then,when the night comes,i need to get to my studio for practising.My stamina gone down and slow badly because i had already gain weight.Always been sitting and eat and get my work done!I know it sound pretty boring.It was boring thou plus midterm exam *Scream Oh Nooooo *

Btw,am flying to to Indonesia this few days for dancing competition which i had to rush my assignments .
Should i bring my assignments to there and get it done ? Will it be spoiling my holiday there?
Yeap,am feeling so .
If i am going to stay at hotel not going to the market and shopping there,my friends going to give me the @.@ look.

Last week,the week which i didn't blog :-P
Pictures taken (:
Otw to Midvalley 
Have you guys tried Tutti Frutti(TF)? Well,it was actually been quite a time in shopping mall.I had tried Tutti Frutti for few times.Then, i came across J.CO has something like TF had! I tried the RM10 *couple size* the yogurt ice cream plus 3 flavors of your choices.It's pretty affordable right?Plus it's delicious too .
Me with baby (:

On Thursday night,me with hubby,merle and suzanne went to Midvalley for Movie Night (: We watched I am Number Four. I will just rate 7/10 for this movie.I wonder they are going to have the second part ^^ because the story is like still hanging there.My mind pops out lots of questions like " How he get here? " ,"What's in the box that his late father gave him? "," Where's the other number?" , Etcccc...etccc
But seriously,this is a nice movie,should go and watch :D
Here's the trailer,they claimed that NUMBER 1 Died In Malaysia ,and they show that Msia is a JUNGLE.I know that Malaysia has tropical rainforest and stuff but are that ULU ? -.- Sorry,they can actually view KLCC instead to show that Malaysia is not that bad as they thought.

Heard the first part?
Yea.. that's what i meant.

Me and my Gf Elaine went to Watson before class.We bought snacks and stuff to get rid of the boredom in the class.We bought the Winnie The Pooh Hp Hanger~!
Guess what?
It's so so so so so.... ADORABLE!!!! we got the pooh bear in bunny ;-D there's also tigger and others!
Ta-dahhh~~ hehes
Pooh got attracted :P
~assignment time

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